Top Tips from Matt


Have a look at some hints and tips for your application!

Online questions

  • Make sure to mention your achievements, don’t be afraid to big yourself up a bit about the things you do well.
  • Make sure to mention things outside of school/college that have given you skills that will be useful to you in the role.

Phone interview

  • Do research on the company; understand what we are about and if this fits you. Don’t print off information and regurgitate it as this doesn’t sound good.
  • Be confident in yourself and answer the questions honestly, TUI Travel want to see the real you.
  • Back up anything you say with examples, for instance, if you say you have good time management skills, give an example of when you had to use these skills or why you think you have them.

Assessment day

  • You will have to work as part of a team. Listen to others but remember that your opinion is valid too, don’t shy away.
  • You will get nervous, this is to be expected. Manage your nerves and speak with conviction, you don’t want the nerves to hinder your performance.
  • In the interview be strong and confident. You want to make a connection with the interviewer, make eye contact and answer the questions in your own way.
  • There isn’t always a single correct answer, if you have a unique take on a situation this can be really beneficial.
  • Dress to impress you will be required to look smart for your interview. Image

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