Marella Explorer 2 Shakedown Cruise


A day in the life of…

An Aviation Planning Apprentice – On the Marella Explorer 2 Shakedown Cruise

Shakedown 1


14.30 Board flight.

After a rather long three hour transfer from Wigmore house to Manchester airport, I board my three-hour flight out of Manchester airports brand new pier. I was beginning my journey on my very first cruise and I was so excited! We were on our way to the newest addition to the Marella fleet to test out the ship before passengers boarded in Palma.

17.00 All aboard!!

After a short 20-minute transfer to Malaga port, I finally get my first glimpse of the ship, and it was much bigger than I had expected! I checked in and boarded my home for the next 5 days and instantaneously got lost! It was a maze of 13 decks and I had to find my roommate amongst over 1000 people! I finally found my cabin mate, Georgia who took us to our cabin as she’d arrived earlier on the Gatwick flight. In the evening after we were all settled in and our cases were delivered to our cabin, we got ready for the evening and went to see one of the Broadway show acts which was amazing! The entertainment team were so talented and put on such a good show. Following this we made our way to the bar and socialised for the rest of the evening


08.00 The Muster drill

After an early start we had to attend the compulsory muster drill before we set sail that evening. Following on from this I went to the head office conference where we were given business updates from the directors.

13.00 Treasure hunt

After a yummy lunch we made our way to indigo bar where we assembled into our given teams for the treasure hunt. This was great fun and was a really great way to get to know people outside of your division, have a good old laugh and get to know the layout of the ship! Although we didn’t come close to winning it was still great fun and a chance to act silly making videos and taking pictures of you doing different things around the ship.

17.30 The Naming Ceremony

Following a lovely formal gala dinner, we all made our way to the pool deck for the naming ceremony and evening entertainment. With special guests Rak Su and Nick Grimshaw, we were ready for the night ahead! The captain later introduced the ships Godmothers and we had a countdown to the official launch of the Marella Explorer 2. Following on from this, we made our way to Indigo bar and partied the night away.


11.00 Exploring Cartagena

Our first dock since we left Malaga, we were finally let off the ship and were able to explore! The weather really was not in our favour though as it poured all day. However, we didn’t let it stop us! We explored the City and stopped for a coffee before heading back to the ship for the fancy dress night!

17.00 The 90’s Party

After drying out from our walk earlier me and Georgia, or should I say Mario and Luigi, went to the indigo bar where we met S Club Party who did a fantastic performance and judge Jules too. We had another night celebrating the success of the ships launch and dancing to 90’s songs!



11.00 Off to Valencia

This day was possibly my favourite of the whole trip! We explored the historic city of Valencia, looked around the cathedral and climbed the bell tower to get an amazing sight of the coast and city. We went to a local restaurant and I tried paella for the first time and it was amazing. I really enjoyed this day so much, and the weather was nice enough that we could explore properly instead of trying to dodge the rain!


14.30 Home time

After a long few days exploring Spain and testing out our new ship, I was finally making my way home. I was absolutely shattered, but so looking forward to going home and telling everyone about the amazing experience I had whilst away. And to finish off an already perfect trip, we also flew on one of our dream liners back into Luton which really ended things on a high!

Shakedown 4

Ellen – Commercial Apprentice


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